Meet Our Therapists

Who We Are

The licensed therapists of Compassionate Living Now come to the practice with a broad range of experiences and expertise. What we share is a posture of compassionate presence, the desire to honor your unique journey, and a commitment to excellence in care.

Kiera Wilson, LCSW


Kiera is committed to building trusting, collaborative and genuine relationships with adults and younger adults, and enjoys supporting individuals in identifying strengths to cope with life’s transitions and challenges. She strives to bring an intersectional understanding of power, privilege, and oppression and the impact they can have on the lives of individuals, families, and communities to sessions. She feels privileged to hear your stories and she approaches therapy with a non judgemental, compassionate and supportive attitude.
Kiera draws from many perspectives including psychodynamic theories, motivational interviewing and harm reduction, and holistic views of health and healing. She has a background in treating trauma, substance use disorders, depression, anxiety, and has worked with people in groups, individual sessions, hospitals, residential treatments, and community mental health. Kiera is trained in EMDR to support healing from trauma.
She has current availability and looks forward to collaborating with you soon.

Mimi Buthelezi, LMFTA


Mimi believes that life is about relationships and she’s endlessly curious about how the relationships we stem from, and the narratives we carry with us, shape and inform our present lives. She understands and admires the bravery it takes to begin this process, and so strives to foster an environment where clients feel empowered and able to be transparent. At the root of this is her deep commitment to the therapist-client relationship as a foundation for change. Her work is informed by social justice, and through the use of systemic approaches, she assists clients in uncovering a greater sense of insight and self-awareness. Her approach is direct and respectful.

Mimi received her Master’s in Couples and Family Therapy from Drexel University and has experience working with couples, families, children and adults, both in a clinic setting and as home-based therapist. She feels privileged to learn from and be challenged by her clients every day, and believes that in order to assist clients in doing the sometimes difficult work of healing, we must have the courage to do it ourselves. 

Mimi specializes in working with couples and families and sees individuals, couples, families and children of all make-ups and ages. She works with clients to address relationship distress, trauma, anxiety, depression, identity development, disruptions in attachments, and life’s many transitions. 

Sam Barbash-Riley, LCSW


Sam is dedicated to collaborating with people experiencing difficulties with mental health and life circumstances in order to move towards a more rich and meaningful life. They have a nonjudgmental, trauma-informed, playful, and creative approach to therapy, and they believe that each client is the expert in their experience.  

Sam has expertise in treating anxiety, depression, OCD and OCD related disorders, and trauma. They are passionate about working with transgender and LGBQ individuals, and people in polyamorous and non-monogamous relationships. They are also kink-aware. 

Sam received their MSW from the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, and their approach is grounded in training and experience in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Exposure and Ritual Prevention, Motivational Interviewing, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Their experience includes individual therapy in a community mental health setting and intensive case management with people experiencing homelessness.

Sam strives to bring an anti-oppressive framework to session, and believes in the power of respect, compassion, and working side-by-side with clients to identify and pursue their goals. They welcome the opportunity to join you in your unique journey toward health and well-being.

Abby Katz, LCSW


Abby began her career in Social Work seeking a way to combine a passion for social justice and change with a desire to support people in times of personal life changes and crises. She has dedicated her professional career to serving marginalized communities and individuals with compounding trauma.

Her expertise is in using Harm Reduction, Psychotherapy and Psychodrama. She has been trained in Motivational Interviewing and CBT. Abby’s primary focus is on developing a safe and sincere relationship with clients and to then use her tool kit of therapeutic approaches to tailor treatment to the individual.

Abby obtained her MSW at Columbia University in New York City and worked for over a decade at a community health and housing provider in Harlem. She has spent her career working with people living with HIV/AIDS, depression, trauma and/or any manifestation of addiction in individual and group therapy.

She looks forward to connecting with adults of all backgrounds and experiences and recognizes the impact of social racial, sexual and gender oppression on the daily lives of all people.


Catherine Colbert, LMHC

Catherine comes to Compassionate Living Now has more than 10 years of experience as a therapist in a variety of settings including homes, school, office, and community. She is trauma informed and trained in EMDR, and has expertise in treating depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, and substance use. She treats clients of all ages, and particularly enjoys work with children, teens, young adults, and parents. 

Catherine is a highly collaborative therapist and forms strong working relationships with her clients. She believes that grounding in reality while maintaining a focus on hope, allows for acceptance and the possibility of transformation.

Catherine has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Communications Arts, University of Wisconsin, Madison; and a master’s degree in Counseling and Counselor Education, Indiana University.  She has an electic approach and pulls from Interpersonal, Person Centered, and Cognitive Behavioral therapies, as well as EMDR, and Motivational Interviewing. 

Catherine welcomes individuals and families of all make-ups and ages. She understands that life can be difficult and full of the unknown, and looks forward to partnering with you to address the struggles you are facing today. She is scheduling for March, 2021.

Meet Stacey Kim, LCSW


Stacey is passionate about working with individuals who are struggling with mental health issues, and is amazed and inspired by her clients every single day. 

She became a therapist after spending more than 20 years working in the arts, specifically in classical music. She brings her love of art, self-expression, and harmony to all of the work that she does with her clients. 

Stacey works with adults and has expertise in treating trauma, depression, anxiety and other mood disorders, grief, loss, and issues related to chronic pain or illness. She has an affinity for working with those engaged in creative endeavors such as music performance, writing and visual art. Her approach is strength-based and recovery oriented.

She is the Founder of Compassionate Living Now, where she strives to create a safe, positive space that provides many avenues for individuals to explore, create, come together, and heal. 

She received her Master’s in Social Work from University of Cincinnati School of Social Work, is a graduate of the Conscious Feminine Leadership Training through Women Writing for (a) Change, Bloomington, and is a registered mediator.

Stacey is not currently accepting new clients.

Nina Castronova, LCSW, PhD


Nina has spent decades working with individuals in coping with life’s challenges and is deeply committed to helping others thrive in the midst of difficulty. 

She works with adults and families and has expertise in treating depression, anxiety, other mood disorders, as well as issues relating to family and intimate relationships.

She has a particular interest in working with those who are experiencing grief due to the loss of a loved one. 

Nina is collaborative in nature and believes that the key to change begins with her relationship with you, the client. Working within the therapeutic relationship, she has seen clients develop greater insight, build enhanced personal and professional relationships, and gain more effective ways of coping with mental health issues and the inherent challenges of being human. 

She earned a BA in Psychology from The University of Rochester, a Master’s of Social Work from Syracuse University, and a Doctorate in Marriage and Family Therapy from Syracuse University. She has clinical experience in outpatient adult psychiatry, community and family counseling, and Hospice bereavement services. Her approach is strengths-based and rooted in family systems theory. 

Nina looks forward to hearing from you and to the possibility of working together to tackle the struggles you are facing today.

Nina is not currently accepting new clients.

Julia Livingston, LCSW


Julia’s approach to therapy artfully weaves together her many years of experience as both a psychotherapist and a ceramic artist. She engages clients in a creative process of personal growth that can stimulate transformative change. Grounding in the here and now, Julia gently leads her clients into a respectful and compassionate deep inner listening and self-attunement. Her process supports self-trust, actualization, and resilience. 

Julia has more than 20 years of experience as a psychotherapist and has worked in both private practice and in a university setting.  She received her MSW from IUPUI and has skill and training in the use of Focusing, a therapeutic method that creates a space for non-judgmental attention to our own inner bodily felt knowing, and stimulates a process of clarity and insight that makes outer change possible.

Julia works with adults and has experience treating a variety of mental health issues. She particularly enjoys work supporting those who wish to live a more creative and embodied life. 

Julia is not currently accepting new clients.

“When we give ourselves compassion, we are opening our hearts in a way that can transform our lives.”

-Kristin Neff, PhD, author of Self-Compassion and co-creator of Mindful Self-Compassion

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